Run on Sentences

October 12, 2023

Week 41.6 – MAF (3 of 90), HR:147, Wlk: 0, Tmp: 65°

  • Was scouting for a sapling my daughter could use for her school project
  • Construction worker in a pickup truck nearly hit me, head on, seemed deliberate.
  • Thought of the idea of creating this blog category series called Run on Sentences.
  • Started thinking about my current heart rate and pace and how it seems to be less efficient than it was this time last year, but in reality run 3 of 90 last training block my heart rate was 11:29. This run my pace was 10:24, more than a minute faster.
  • Thought about designing my mantra, “Live Like it’s True,” as my Slack avatar… and designing the rest of the team’s for fun.
  • Had an epiphany about the next big thing at work and how I was going to make my own brick
  • Figured out our pilot for today at work, to launch new home page – narrow breadth, very deep depth.