Design is Not What You See. Design is How Something Works.

For every design you see, there are countless designs that don’t make the cut.

communicating with customers

I’ve run dozens of workshops to find product market fit and product user fit. The examples included here are from workshops that helped us:

  • Increase speed to market
  • Increased revenue
  • Clearly define goals
  • Achieve stakeholder buy-in
  • Forecast accurately for success
  • Develop company-wide communication standards
  • Beat the competition

See how the North Star Framework provides real-time insights into quarterly revenue goals.

The North Star Framework

The North Star framework is perfect for design-led strategy. It is a great way to reduce cost, increase velocity and accelerate growth.

Beginning with the end in mind is critical. Level 1 and Level 2 metrics serve as leading indicators of success and inform the team when it is time to pivot.

Speed to Market

Successful companies can rely can on design to solve unpredictable challenges.

I designed, developed and launched two COVID-19 MVP products in 6 days that met a critical market need until an enterprise-level product could be released. As a result, we captured $91,602 of revenue that would have been lost waiting for the enterprise solution.
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