About WePiphany

About WePiphany

Hi. I’m Jono (sounds like john•Oh). I am the founder of WePiphany, a startup design and services company. I help people and companies find success through desgin. I specialize in user experience design, design strategy and marketing, but I also enjoy front end development and identity design. View more on LinkedIn.

What is a WePiphany?

A WePiphany is when two or more people have a moment of sudden revelation or insight together. Those are the moments, between concept and customer, where work leads to revelation and success.

How I Can Help You


WePiphany provides a wide range of design and strategy services, including product design, web design and multi-channel marketing.


My success is largely due to a project delivery framework I created. These frameworks will be available for purchase soon.

Speaking & Events

Being part of the desgin community is inspiring, so I like to speak at events and connect through multiple online channels.


Things tend to go well when everyone is trying their hardest to make the best of any given situation. However, I know that hard work only pays off when it is guided by strong core values. Beyond the common values you’d expect from a good digital partner, these are the ones I rely on to achieve successful outcomes.

Save Time

Time is a precious, fleeting resource. Before committing to doing anything, I think it is important to ask, “Does this save time?” If I can’t prove that something saves time, or find a way to save time, I know it is time to pivot.

Always Measure

Success comes from measuring; if I can’t measure it, I can’t prove it. Measurement opens up a world of opportunities and objective communication.

Feel Good

When I am successful at saving time, it opens up more time to feel good and enjoy successes. If I have more time, I intend to spend it feeling good and helping you feel good about the work we are doing.

Learn to Teach

In my experience, people who are learning are happy. One of the best ways to learn is to teach, which happens to make people feel good at the same time.

Make Money

Most ventures that save time and feel good also make money. I don’t want you to invest your time and energy into anything that doesn’t have a path to success and profit.


The ability to communicate is at the core of all of my values. Without communication, nothing can happen, so I focus on converting people from confused to convinced early and often.

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