Our Story

I Write

The year that WePiphany, LLC was born was a year full of reflection for me. I had spent half my life in adolescence and half as an adult, half under my parent’s roof and half out on my own, half as a professional and half as a student.

I have learned many things and had many great experiences over the course of my personal and professional life. I have a lot to give back to my communities and to you. Writing is how I will do it. Read the latest WePiphany Pages to learn how to design solutions that save time, feel good and make money.

You Learn

As soon as you’re born, before you open your eyes for the first time, and even before you take your first breath, you start learning. In fact, by the time you are born, you’ve already learned how to breath. As human beings, you and I are uniquely equipped to learn from the moment we enter the world.

I’ve always found myself drawn to teaching, which coincides well with my theory of learning. I am happiest when I am teaching or helping one or more people accomplish something new – it gives me a euphoric feeling. WePiphany’s mission is to help you learn how to become a better Designer, a master of User Experience and Multi-channel Marketing genius.


I write. You learn. WePiphany! A WePiphany occurs when two or more people learn something new or accomplish something together. It’s that ah-ha moment when you finally feel good about what you’ve been doing. It is when you have discovered a new level of success.

WePiphany is our name sake and a way forward on an adventure into teaching and learning about Design, User Experience and Marketing. We are a content creation and publishing company, producing books & blogs that will help you design solutions that save time, feel good and make money.

Jono Young, Founder and CXO

Jono Young, Found and CXO of WePiphany

WePiphany was created out of the desire to give back to the design community and a dream of starting a new kind of publishing company. Everything starts with a simple blog, then we’ll craft some of the best books on design, user experience and marketing that you’ve ever read. From there, the dream is to create a new publishing platform that allows you to “pay for what you need and learn from what you read.™”